To translate or not to

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A few days back I received a mail from a friend that prompted me to write this post. She had politely requested that all my future post I publish in my social media to be written not only in English but also in Greek, since her English is like my Chinese; if you get my drift!
Initially I did admit to myself that this was indeed necessary if I want to share my ideas and experiences with as many people as I can, for sure I should write my posts in both languages, like I do in my website.
Simultaneously another thought occurred to me.

I pondered what would I have done if I was in her shoes. The answer came immediately. If my friend had accepted her language-handicap as a challenge and started learning English instead of asking me to translate them into Greek, then she would have benefited immensely.

If her English language barrier had triggered her desire to learn something new, something that could open her horizons into the endless world of information (which is mainly written in English) either through internet or other kinds of communication then she could have turned her disadvantage into a tool for learning something new. This challenge could have given her the opportunity to endure the present time of being in a lockdown due to the pandemic in a more fruitful and constructive way. Of course, I don’t blame or criticize her; neither do I believe it’s possible for a beginner to be able to read articles right from day one in a new language. All I mean is that it is the way we accept challenges that will make us grow better and stronger. Perceiving challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles propels us to begin a new journey of discovery and knowledge, which is the key to self-growth and esteem.


Challenges shouldn’t scare or discourage us. Instead they should further intensify our desire for knowledge and self-improvement. When in constant state of learning our mind remains active and strong, helping our emotions to stay positive and optimistic. Life is indeed a classroom and there is something that we can learn each and every day; all you got to do is to keep your mind and heart open to new ideas and most of all to our inherent ignorance. Like my climbing coach always says: we don’t die when we cease to live, we die the day we stop learning.
And yes, from today I will try to write in both languages, until you, my friend, would reach the level needed to read the English version too!