Happiness is a Choice

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happiness is a choice1

This morning I wake up, do my everyday workout, and enjoy a nutritious breakfast and go out to seize my day. It is a fantastic day; the shining sun offers every opportunity for me to create the best day of my life. A good friend of mine always says: Today is the only day that we can actually act and do something to either change our lives completely or in case we already have our dream life then to simply embrace and enjoy it to the most.

So I jump onto my bicycle, letting the warm breeze caress my unruly hair. As I bike along with a song on my lips, I suddenly hear a friend holler while waving at me. We hadn't seen each other for a long time, so I stop immediately and we start sharing our life stories.
My friend is a handsome man; tall, blond, with a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes and he runs a successful company of his own. He is married to a gorgeous woman and they have two wonderful babies. I presume most people out there would indeed feel blessed to be in his shoes.
As we chat along I start feeling weird; hearing him moaning about his life, our Greek crises, about the bills and his over charged credit cards and of his lack of free time. Then he starts moaning even about the weather that it’s too hot; what else do you expect during June in Greece! He keeps talking while sweating (only after a while do I realize that I am wearing one of my hot short pants; perhaps the heat is induced).
I feel really sad about him, because even though he has everything he probably seeks in life, he focuses on what he doesn’t have and in all the negativity that exists anyway. Ok, we all know Greece is in crises; financial and cultural too. But should we stop dreaming and do nothing either to reverse or to improve the whole situation? Should we stay blindfolded within our self-created so called paradise (which isn’t making us happy either) watching our life pass by as a meaningless sham full of pretence?

happiness is a choice2

No; certainly not!
We must stop moaning and start doing. Dreams are good. But without action, without hard work, persistence and insistence we will never achieve our dreams. Even if you don't feel ready yet for the change or even better be the change, at least stop moaning and complaining. See the positive side of life. The glass of life is always half full. Because even if indeed it is half empty your negative perspective and views won’t fill up the other half. Instead a more optimistic attitude would help in adopting a happier life and achieving your everyday goals, no matter how big or small they are, will become easier. A positive view of life will surely lead you to a happier life. I know it works. I have applied it personally and realize the results.
Here I will give you some tips with examples of how positivity can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life, no matter what the issues are:

Being the master of our own lives it is up to us to make it what we want and mostly it is about making the right choices. I have already made my choice. I have chosen Happiness.

happiness is a choice3

I am happy because I choose to be. It needs no other reason to substantiate or authenticate.