Kiki's Diary, 6th of May 2017

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Diary 06052017

"Yesterday, it was a very special day for me. My instructor, Archondis, came to see me in EBC, as he had promised me. His presence here with me, before the final push to the summit is too important for me". "I was sleeping in my tent, after lunch, when suddenly I heard a familiar voice calling my last name in Greek. I got up from my sleeping bag and immediately realized that it was him! I got too happy and excited. You know, the last days I have become a bit sensitive, since I have missed more my family and friends back in Greece. His presence here brought into my mind all my beloved ones - his appearance here was too effective to me".

 "I got out of the tent and jumped into his arms. He was fully equipped with his back pack, polls and down jacket. It was snowing and it was chilly. We spent a few hours sharing our news. I told him about my adventure up at 7.000 metres and he shared with me sone news from Greece and our common friends. He also brought me some gifts and letters from my family and George and of course some greek chocolate that I had ordered". "He had to spend the night at Gorak Shep, but now I am waiting for him to come again and spend some more time together".

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