Kiki's Diary, 9th of May 2017

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Diary 9th May 1

Time is ticking out and the day for the final push is coming closer and closer. Our Sherpa team is already at the advanced base camps and they are setting up camp 3(7100m) and camp 4(7900m),supplying it with oxygen and climbing food.As soon as the camps will be settled down and our Sherpas will come down to Everest Base Camp we will discuss the chances for the most possible date.

All climbing members from other teams who had gone for resting in lower altitude are coming back one by one and EBC is getting more crowded slowly- slowly.

I am waiting patiently for Satya's call to start my journey to the top of the world. Till then I am having rest in EBC trying to keep my energy and mood in high level.Stay tuned for more news.

Diary 9th May 2

Diary 9th May 3