The man who helped me make my dreams come true

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From Kiki's diary, May 15th, 2015.

Time goes by and I am ready for the final push. What I am thinking these moments is a very special person I never mentioned in personal: Dimitris Politopoulos, the man behind the Tuvunu mountain Greek Tea. Dimitris was one of few to believe in me and my dream and I am so thankful for giving me the opportunity to make my dream come true. Dimitris and his team, some years before, had a vision: to make the Greek tea worldwide famous and spread the Greek magic all around the world.


I believe that out there, there are great people with brilliant ideas and dreams, people with vision who dream of a better world. Dimitris is one of those. For me Dimitris is not just a sponsor. He is part of my family and I am too lucky for having him into my life.

The very first moment we met each other in his office, comes vividly in my mind. He was seated at his big office when I stepped into introduced myself and got straight to the point. It didn't took us more than 4 minutes to shake hands.

We were both too happy, since we would both fulfil a dream of ours. Tuvunu would have gone to the top of the world along with a woman from Thrace who was not a climber till then but she had big dreams and a vision for a better world.

Many people are wondering, why this man is helping me. Is it only for marketing reasons or is it beyond that? Is it possible a man like him to get inspired by me? Or has he other reasons for doing so? Can he see the greater picture I do see?

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If you ask me I regard him as my companion to my journey to become the best of myself. He is helping me to achieve extraordinary things and keep the faith alive, that we, people, are all able to achieve great things. All we need is dreaming big, believe in them and following them no matter how big obstacles life will bring into our path.

Sometimes, when situations become too difficult I am thinking that I must be too close to success. And that’s when I have to be patient, keep the faith and keep on working on my dream.

I recall the last days before departing for Katmandu. I was so stressed for having so many details to deal with and fix, like serious budget issues. I remember going to Komotini to meet Dimitris and of course i shared with him my anxiety. I will never forget how easily he made all my problems and dark thoughts to disappear.

He looked me deep in the eyes and said: ”Kiki, you should just be focused in your climb and the mountain". No worries like these should bother your mind. Let me help you”.
And of course he has never asked anything from me. He just gave me his best wish to be safe. Dimitris was simply there for me, he is still there and I can’t thank him enough. I will do my best to thank him from 8848 metres, hopefully soon!

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