From Katmandu to Luckla

03042017 Katmandu Luckla 1

Already we have done one unsuccessful attempt to depart, since weather conditions in Lukla are not appropriate for landing. But as my guide says, the most difficult part in climbing Mt. Everest is to reach Lukla! But today in the airport there was a surprise waiting for me. Mingma Sherpa was waiting for me to welcoming me. Mingma is the most famous Sherpa in Nepal, since he is the first Sherpa in history who climbed successfully all 14 peaks, above 8000m, around the world. Now he is the owner one of the biggest companies in Mountaineeting, the"7summits".

 It made me such a big impression the fact that a man like him was informed about my arrival. The Greek woman who comes to summit Mt Everest is now in Nepal's news! News travel faster than us!

Migma is also the head Sherpa of Greeks men expedition to Mt Everest in 2004 and when we started talking he mentioned some of the Greek's climber's names. Pavlos was the first one!
My guide and Mingma are very close friends so extra support in case we need is waiting for us during our expedition! More news are coming from Luckla. Now let's see if our second attempt will be succeeded.

03042017 Katmandu Luckla 2

03042017 Katmandu Luckla 3

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