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"The Smile of the Child" Higher than Everest

xamogelo tou paidiou en

Carrying the message of the Organization" The Smile of the Child" Higher than Everest, can all of you support, supporting "The Smile of the Child" in the following ways: http://www.hamogelo.gr/gr/en/stirikste-mas/, noting that it is for the "Higher than Everest" and sending the iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with information on support and your message to me! Our goal is to top!

"The Smile of the Child" was created in 1995 by a 10-year old boy, Andreas Yannopoulos, who shortly before passing away, expressed in his diary his wish for an Organization to be founded so that all children could have what he had so generously received: love, affection, care and respect.
The dream of 10-year old Andreas became true and today the Organization "The Smile of the Child", having being internationally recognized, serves the vision of a Smile for every child and implements nationwide, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, effective and immediate actions to prevent and address specific phenomena and risks for children.
"The Smile of the Child" has supported so far more than 1.000.000 children and their families. Children victims of all forms of violence, missing children, children with health problems, children living in poverty or at risk of tumbling into poverty, have been offered support and treatment.
The Organization is staffed by qualified scientific personnel with the precious support of volunteers, while it relies on citizens and companies who actively and in practice provide their support through donations and sponsorships.

The financial data of the Organization, which are made public, are audited by the International Body of Auditors of Ernst and Young.

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