Wild Life Safaris

Have you ever dreamt of staring into the eyes of a full grown Lion, or racing with the zebras, or perhaps catch an ape swinging from gigantic tree canopies, or even ride an elephant like a maharaja and observe the world of wild pass you by! In Africa we run wild life safari trips to Tanzania, which is one of the finest places to catch the big five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, African buffalo) not to mention hippos, and all kind of primates and to Uganda, which is the home to the famous gorillas, and to Zambia where the unique backdrop of the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria waterfalls offer spectacular vistas. We also have wild life safari packages to India and Nepal. And our personal favorite, the top secret Snow Leopard Safari, where you are almost guaranteed to see one of the worlds’ most endangered and rarely photographed Snow Leopards. We won’t disclose the location of this safari for obvious reasons. Satya is one of the pioneers of snow leopard sightings in India.