The Team

Kiki Tsakaldimi

Kiki, the first Greek woman in the world to attempt Everest, is the face of the company. She is our honorary brand ambassador, idea generator, advisor and promoter. Her name is synonymous in the Greek mountaineering and adventure world. She has been widely featured in leading Greek media (print, electronic, TV and Radio) platforms. She is a motivational speaker, a TEDx speaker and TEDx organizer. With her focus on social causes she champions many social organizations like Fair Life Lcc., and Smile Foundation, etc. Kiki is a vegetarian and leads an extremely healthy lifestyle. Besides climbing and traveling, her other passions include trail running, biking, tennis, swimming, social issues and arts. She is a qualified Swift Water & Flood Rescue Technician (Rescue 3 Europe), certified in CPR & First Aid, and is an active member of The Hellenic Rescue Team and the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing. Usually dressed in a big smile, Kiki would be leading many of our trips. Kiki's Personal Website

George Kazakos

Born few days after the first moon landing and bred within the outdoors of the Aegean summers, George ignited his passion for adventure and sports in his childhood. Following his passion for sports he graduated in Physical Education and Sports from DUTH University as a tennis-pro coach. His occupation soon took him to the town of Alexandroupolis in Northeastern Greece, where he lead and operated the local tennis Club for several years. Here he gained invaluable experience in man management and leadership skills working out with hundreds of young athletes and senior players, as the Head Coach. Looking for a new challenge he joined the Greece Firefighting Department, where he served for the last seventeen years. Surviving the Covid Pandemic in 2021 with his characteristic optimism and wild spirit, he bounced back stronger to pursue his lifelong passion for adventure and travel and founded Higher Than Everest company, to inspire the real Traveler within you.

Satyabrata Dam

Satya is our chief Expedition Leader and Trip Planner. Satya is an international mountain guide and started climbing in the Greater Himalaya at the age of 10. Since then he has climbed over 1000 summits in all the seven continents and all the countries in the world (except Pakistan and North Korea). A die-hard adventurer and globe trotter, Satya has trained hundreds of people around the world to climb and has led countless expeditions to some of the world’s highest (including multiple Everest summits) and most challenging mountains in the remotest corners of our planet. He has many first ascents and world records in the adventure world. Hailing from India, Satya calls the entire globe as his home and everyone a friend. He is also a leading international motivational speaker, mental-trainer, climate change and sustainable planet activist, published author, advisor to global leaders on sustainable adventure and climate change. He is a TED (USA) Fellow, TED Speaker and a FRGS (UK). His other adventures include walking the entire length of Africa, trekking the entire Silk Route main axis from Mongolia to Istanbul, solo crossing of Greenland icecap, circumnavigation of the world in a sail boat, etc. He loves cold places and is often found sleeping on glaciers and ice bergs. He believes in living every moment fully and every day as if it is his last. He is also a Life and Leadership coach and has conducted many corporate leadership and life transformation workshops around the world. With his lifelong experience of adventure and travel, Satya will train, guide and transform you in ways you haven’t imagined. Satya would personally lead most of our challenging and remote expeditions. He is a yogi, life-guru, trained chef, criminologist, glaciologist and a Nat Geo award winning photographer. An adventure with Satya is like no other. You not only learn about the mountains and climbing but also the mantra for happiness, achieving the impossible, simplicity, and the art of joyful living. A fantastic raconteur, Satya will keep you spellbound with his nail biting survival stories from around the world.

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