Every activity has its own kind of physical fitness, following are general guidelines for a typical fitness training you should undergo for trekking and climbing.

Cardiovascular fitness: this is the most important fitness aspect for trekking and climbing. As we go higher into thinner air with less oxygen, our lungs and heart needs to function at its peak efficiency. This ensures that not only we capture enough oxygen from the atmosphere but your body is able to process this oxygen further to fuel our body. Recommended fitness activities are: uphill running, mountain trail running, fast swimming, HIT (Tabata), aerobics, breathing exercises like pranayam, etc.

Upper body strength: we need strong shoulders to carry loads and adequate strength in our forearms for scrambling. Recommended fitness activities are: push up, pull up, gym weight training, etc.

Lower body strength: as we mostly rely on our legs to take us where we wish to go, we need to strengthen our thighs, calves, etc. Recommended activities include: running, leg press, gym weight training, standing heel raise, squats, etc.

Core strength, flexibility and balance: as we navigate through treacherous terrains we need to find balance and core strength to keep up. Recommended activities are: plank, yoga, pilates, sit ups, etc.

We will send you specific fitness regime suggestions prior to your trip.