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Compared to trekking, expeditions are more challenging, requiring some amount of technical climbing training, experience, equipment, longer duration and entail higher levels of risk. It is mandatory for you to have a travel and emergency rescue insurance for all our expeditions. We have summits of 5000m, 6000m and 7000m for the mountaineer in you. Some of our guided expeditions for groups and individuals are following.

Peru is Satya’s topmost favorite climbing ground in South America and while he has climbed almost all of the most difficult and dangerous peaks in Peru, here we offer the ones that are spectacular yet moderately technical with easy approach: Nevado Urus (5430m), Nevado Ishinca (5530m), Nevado Tocllaraju (6032m), Nevado Vallunaraju (5686m), Nevado Pisco (5752m), Nevado Chopicalqui (6354m)

Mythikas on Mt Olympus is the highest point of Greece and a medium grade hike in the summers. While in the winters, it can be a really challenging climb necessitating technical ice climbing equipment and training.