As a company that shapes the concept of a true traveler and does not simply exist to guide into places, across the breadth and length of this planet, none of us imagined that the toponym that would become our ¨polar star¨ was there in the depths of the Thracian seas, directly opposite our residence, beckoning us every time we opened the window... Samothraki.

In the land of Niki, an incredible mixture of ancient lava, vegetation and waters whose history is lost in the pre-Cycladic era, you walk on an island that, while it is located in the Aegean Sea, morphologically & geologically it is part of the Hawaiian island complex & this by itself it perfectly ¨photographs¨ the phenomenon of this unique island in the Mediterranean.

With time stopped in an era where everything smelled of Greece, in a place that keeps its authenticity away from the crazy, summer tourist rhythms, Samothraki becomes our favorite destination and creates only unforgettable experiences and memories.

What we offer:

• With respect to each ecosystem in which we are active, we carry out themed excursions both to get to know the biodiversity of the place, especially of its northeastern side, and climb to the highest peak of the island, Mount Saos (Fengari, 1611m) as well as its crossing from north to south, by hiking along its crest and overnight at the top; seeing the sunrise from the summit of Saos, is an experience of a lifetime!

• Mild form of hiking in the countless natural pools, also known as “Vathres” can be carried out both on a daily basis and with more extended time planning, adapted even to families with children. For the more daring, there is the opportunity to try the experience of canyoning or that of a dive in the eastern deep coastlines of the island.

• We would not miss the gentle walking approaches to the innumerable places & fields with historical interweaving, from those of the early archaic period, to those of the late Byzantine. A visit to the archaeological site of Paleopolis in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods is essential. Here it is where the Kaverian mysteries took place, and where the central exhibit of the Louvre museum found, the Winged Nike of Samothrace. The area´s energy completely overwhelms you.

• The morphology of Samothraki is ideal for cycling. Travelers who love Mountain Bike Touring will be impressed by the countless cycling routes that lead to hidden paradises.

• We also recommend touring with a rented sailboat or a larger boat, Cruise type, providing the opportunity to find yourself on beaches inaccessible from land and enjoy the impressive sight of the highest waterfall on the planet that falls in the sea from a height of 180m. Only with a floating approach will one enjoy the beach of Vatos, the unique vegetation of "Giali" ravine, and the rocky reliefs of the area called "Old womans´s sails". The crystal clear, deep waters and the endless underwater life, is ideal for scuba diving.

• On a sailboat you can experience unique gastronomic events. The participatory process in the collection and selection of raw materials, as well as their processing that leads to culinary creations, will complete the experience of getting to know this special place in the Aegean. After all, the culture and civilization of each land is directly intertwined with its kitchen. Here the word authenticity still applies.

• The intense energy "vibes" of the island has forced the lovers of yoga and spiritualism to adore its fields, which multiply the benefits of meditation and holistic well-being. In this context, we organize Wellness Retreats with yoga sessions.

All our actions have as the final recipient not only the adventurer or the adrenaline seeker, but also every person possessed by the norm of the real Traveler.

The challenge only for quality in what we do inevitably leads us to the pursuit of well-being and the art of enjoying every journey... That is, creating memories that will last a lifetime!!!