Synonymous with turquoise lagoons and sun sparkled islands, out of the world cuisines, ancient archaeological sites and ruins, fun and frolic, Greece has mountains to hike, rapids to raft and enough adventure activities to satisfy the explorer within you. Though Greece has so many adventures to offer, we would like to highlight our top three favorite destinations within Greece.

Samothrace: if you have never heard of an exotic island nestled within the turquoise Aegean Sea, which was the seat of Roman Empire’s holy land and the famous Nike winged statue (Nike Logo inspiration) then you must visit Samothrace. Ancient mythology and civilizations has left its mark upon the mesmerizing landscape from endless beaches to deep forests, lofty mountains that wear the white shroud during winter, cascading gorges, whistling springs, breathtaking waterfalls and the cuisines play the perfect symphony of adventure. Come to Samothrace and fall in love with life once again. As we like to say, you may leave Samothrace but Samothrace will never leave you.

Zagori: except for the islands and beaches, if there’s one place that offers the finest of Greece then it is the region of Zagori. Sprawling across a vast network of mountains, some of the deepest gorges in the world, ancient bridges and Roman pathways, wildlife, flora, unique houses perched at cliff edges, prehistoric ruins, galloping rivers, many UNESCO world heritage sites, heart shaped lakes, endless trekking trails and the ever smiling local inhabitants who would entice you with their distinct food, honey and local forest offerings. It is a year-long destination, whatever might be your adventure appetite.

Olympus: the highest and the most famous mountain in Greece and one of the most well known in the world is truly the place where ancient Greek Gods reside. Collectively our team must have climbed Olympus over 50 times, yet each time we are enraptured by something new that we hadn’t experienced before. As we say, it is not Olympus that is changing but it is changing you so it’s a new place on every visit. From the summit the awe inspiring vista all around is simply breathtaking. You can see for hundreds of miles from the coast to the forests and the immensity of this unique mountain begins to grip your imagination. Be it in the summers or winters, spring or autumn, Olympus will always offer you its best. And who knows, you might even come across one of our ancient Goddesses perched upon her mighty throne.