First Greek woman ever who attempted Mt. Everest

The Kilimanjaro of 74-year-old Giannis Karadoukas

karadoukas on top 1

The true story of a man who met his true youth at the top of Africa.

Since 2015, when I decided to pursue my dreams, mountains have been winking at me, inviting me to meet them like never before. There, is where I discover myself. This is how I become wiser and stronger every day.

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To translate or not to


A few days back I received a mail from a friend that prompted me to write this post. She had politely requested that all my future post I publish in my social media to be written not only in English but also in Greek, since her English is like my Chinese; if you get my drift!
Initially I did admit to myself that this was indeed necessary if I want to share my ideas and experiences with as many people as I can, for sure I should write my posts in both languages, like I do in my website.
Simultaneously another thought occurred to me.

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Stage 4 - Summit Attempt

climbing C3S

Stage 4 – Summit Attempt

Bristling with anticipation, we strapped our headlamps and left EBC at 2 am. Climbing through the icefall maze in complete darkness was fun, shining our headlamps into the murky depths of the crevasses I felt looking at zillion stars sparkling beneath my feet. At the first ray of dawn we crossed C1 and soon thereafter arrived at C2. We intended to rest at C2 for two nights and then head up.

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