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The route to the top of Kilimanjaro

higherthaneverest kilimanjaro

The sound of silence breaks only by the sound made by the sliding rocks bellow my climbing boots. Only headlamps make climbers look like shooting stars on their way back to the sky.

 It's around 5:30am. I approach Stella Point (5756m), the initial goal for most of the climbers. Uhuru peak(5895m) is an hour further; not all of them will reach it. For that, will power must overcome exhaustion. I climb slow and steady, yet I cross almost all other teams. My limbs are frozen yet my quench for the top motivates me. The reasons to climb differs from people to people. For me climbing has become the meaning for a deeper quest. The higher I climb the deeper I dive in my hearts abyss. The stronger I become in mountaineering the braver I get in facing my inner self.

Perhaps my inner quest is of little interest to most of you. Yet my experience to the top would matter to many of you. Well... honestly speaking, the exact experience can't be shared 100% since this is a procedure to be done individually for a complete understanding.

higherthaneverest kilimanjaro 1

Even then your realization won't be the same as mine, neither with anyone's else. And that's why it's unique and priceless. All I guarantee is the treasures you'll find during sunrise on top of the frozen Kilimanjaro.

Visualise this: You are climbing in the cold, windy night; limbs are frozen. You are breathless, exhausted, ready to quit. "Mounteneering may is not for me" you whisper to yourself.
Suddenly a reddish glow of the rising sun bestows it's warmth only to transform wind's whip into a tender kiss on your frozen cheeks.

At last you reach the cratet's rim. Uhuru peak is in the background. Under the rising sun changes her white apparel into a golden one. Like hidden treasure has revealed herself and now you step on a golden floor. You can hear the cracks bellow your dusty boots. Sounds sharp and soft at the same time. With all this gold around you, feeling as billionaire is inevitable.

Further in the horizon Mt. Meru emerges through thick cotton like clouds,dressed in a light blue apparel. Sun rises higher, pouring Kilimanjaro's shadow on Meru's peak. Stunning! Two mountains in one. Capture the scenery. I want to share with my beloved ones.

higherthaneverest kilimanjaro 3

On my right another miracle is yet to come.
I walk right on top of volcano's crater ring. It's enormous. And beautiful. The frozen ice, reflects the orange colours of the sun beams. It's around 6:20am and now more colours glitter on crater's surface. Purple,orange,blue,red... and of course the golden yellow, creating a mesmerizing landscape. I catch myself wondering about the amount of beauty into this tiny world.

I pause to embrace the scenery. I feel fragile and powerful at the same time. I breath deep ,trying to fill my lungs with the fresh, crispy morning, thin breeze, and capture as much beauty as I can in my heart and memory. This is my long lasting life school and my paradise too.

Wherever I might be, Kilimanjaro's magic will always lie within me.

higherthaneverest kilimanjaro 2

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