First Greek woman ever who climbed Mt. Everest!!!

The route to the top of Kilimanjaro

higherthaneverest kilimanjaro

The sound of silence breaks only by the sound made by the sliding rocks bellow my climbing boots. Only headlamps make climbers look like shooting stars on their way back to the sky.

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2017...a different year

gazing the mountains

Recalling 2017, I realize this year was a year devoted exclusively to Higher Than Everest Project. All my energy was focused on achieving this goal and then dealing with the consequences.

During that year few things happened for first time in my life starting from the very first day of it.

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Dolomites -Via Ferrata

Ernesto Che Quevara S KIKI ON TOP

Below my feet I see the absolute void. My heartbeats are raised and my hands are starting to "burn" to such an extent that I almost desperately look for the next good handhold, for my feet. Legs are stronger comparing to hands.Grasped on the 600m rock the last thing I want is to get tired of holding or slipping and suddenly fall.

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